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Shinju ( 真珠 ) literally means "pearl" in Japanese. It is a euphemism for the breasts or nipple. It is a rope bondage tie applied to a woman's chest or breast area in Japanese bondage style, but is not actually a historic shibari or kinbaku technique.

The word was appropriated from Japanese language dictionaries by Westerners. Its usage in Japan is unknown.

It is done by encircling the torso with rope, both above and below the breasts, sometimes with cinches between the arms and the body. Then take the primary rope from the centre of the back over one shoulder, entwining both torso loops, and then back over the other shoulder, tying or weaving the rope to secure at the back. This becomes a secure platform for subsequent ties. For example, if the shinju is not too tight, one can tie the arms wrist-to-elbows behind the back to form a box tie.

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