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So I'm a slave. It makes me feel so happy when my master calls me that. I love trying to please him, trying to make him happy. Because when he's happy, I'm happy.

I love the feeling of being under (figuratively) someone, of being ordered to do things. I also love the play involved with a master/slave relationship. I strive for the feelings of helplessness, of powerlessness and the knowledge that I'm entirely at the mercy of my master in our play.

Being a slave does not mean I am weak or unable to take care of myself. Outside of our relationship, I am a very dominant person - enough so that I surprise myself at the difference. I like things nice and ordered and just right, but in scenes, I like the feeling of unpredictability, that I don't know what my master will do next to me. It's a lovely feeling.

I also like the fact that there are some things in a master/slave relationship that one cannot have in a vanilla relationship, which I now think are so boring. First, there is the trust. The inexplicable trust in each other. Then there is the profound knowledge of each other and the other's mind that is used to create the most enjoyable scenes. This knowledge can also be able to manipulate or push the other into doing what you want them to do. Finally, there are those nice, warm, fuzzy feelings that you have when you please your master or you are pleased by your slave that are non-existent in vanilla relationships, or at least not to that extent.

All in all, I believe that being a slave is very gratifying, even if it is not believed to be so by non-BDSM practitioners. Because they just don't understand.


OrderedChaos and i are very much alike: we are both slaves in and s&M relationship, we are both very dominant outside of said relationship, and we both enjoy the feelings we get from this relationship. i have found that i absolutely LOVE being under my Master. Over the years i realized that my interest wasn't simply D/s, but a TPE (total power exchange) s&M relationship. My Master and i still have things to work out, especially since W/we don't live together and are in school, but even so, O/our trust in E/eachother is amazing. What many in vanilla relationships (nothing against that type of relationships) think: that BDSM is perverted, evil, and demeans others, and/or that it's abuse, or even rape, is wrong! W/we have dedicated O/our lives to E/eachother, to loving, caring, and helping E/eachother become better people. THAT is what a Master/slave relationship is about: the trust, the love, and the amazing amount of care.

To me, the feeling of being owned is very gratifying, and gives me the most happiness, the most pleasure, i think any one person could feel. Though it is not for all, it CERTAINLY is for me.

Paige. (Ai_No_Koneko)

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