Sleep sack

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Sleep sack
A sleep sack is a close-fitting body bag made from rubber, leather or canvas. A sleep sack is designed to hold the victim immobile for long periods of time without causing discomfort or risk to the wearer (literally, comfortable enough to sleep in). Although in some designs it is possible for the wearer to get into a sleep sack unaided, they are designed primarily as a piece of bondage equipment and as such usuallly need a second person to get the wearer in!

The wearer is placed in the sack. Many sacks have zipped internal pockets to secure the arms at the side and to prevent the wearer from moving them. Once the arms are secured, the sack is zipped up. Most sleep sacks also have rows of d-rings either side of the zip to allow the sack to be laced tightly around the wearer. When zipped and laced in it is almost impossible for the wearer to move. The feelings of helplessness can be enhanced by the use of a hood or blindfold.

There may be attachment points to allow the wearer to be suspended. A vacuum pump may be attached to a rubber sleep sack to create a more intense bondage, or a double-walled sleep sack may be inflated [1].

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