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Spanking magazines are pornographic periodicals which focus their content on photographs and stories depicting the fetish of erotic spanking. Spanking magazines came to prominence in the 1980s with titles like Janus and Kane edited by Harrison Marks, Spank Hard! edited by Janice Gold, Women of Nu-West, and Nu-West's International Discipline Review, both edited by Ed Lee.

Most spanking magazines showcase series of photographs depicting a staged domestic spanking between two adult models (most frequently with the model shown receiving the spanking being a female, with the model shown giving the spanking being of either sex), with content filled in by fiction describing spanking scenarios frequently supplied by the magazines' readership. The model shown receiving the spanking often wears fantasywear, like a schoolgirl or cheerleader uniform, to give the impression of youth.

Spanking magazines devoted to female dominance are also available, depicting men receiving spankings from women. Domination Directory International, Behind the Scene (edited by Jennifer Brooks), Ma'am and The Ledagram (both edited by Ed Lee), and Whap! Magazine and Corporal magazine are examples of this genre.

While spanking magazines continue to be published on a limited basis, they have been supplanted in the 1990s by Internet sites that produce similar material more cheaply and easier to access.

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