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The spoons position (also spoon position, spooning) is a popular sexual position. The name derives from the similarity to the way that two spoons may be positioned side by side, with their bowls nested.

The Spoons sex position

In the spoons position, the man lies on his side, with his knees bent while the woman lies on her side, with her back pressed against his front, her legs slightly parted, her hips tilted to one side, and her knees bent. They line up to align his penis with her vagina, and his penis is then guided into her vagina from the rear. It is also possible to use this position for anal sex rather than vaginal sex.

This position allows for a great deal of physical intimacy, as the full-body contact allows both partners to cuddle and caress one another. The man can provide the woman with clitoral stimulation by hand while engaging in vaginal penetration in this position (or, in the case of anal penetration in this position, the penetrating partner can masturbate the penetrated partner). Low-intensity sex can go on for a long time in this position. However, the lower intensity from this position may not be desired by both parties; furthermore, penetration is quite shallow, and clitoral pressure is not very intense without manual manipulation. In addition, there is little visual stimulation for either party, as they are not facing one another and cannot see each other's bodies clearly.

It is also possible, and popular, to use this position (without penetration) simply for cuddling, as it provides a lot of close contact and shared body heat. The term spooning usually refers to this activity.

A modification of this is for the man to place his uppermost leg over the belly of the woman, who may then lie somewhat more on her back, with the knees of both legs drawn up. The man's lower leg is extended under the inverted "V" of those legs, with penetration from beneath those legs. This can be a very comfortable position for both partners and is useful as a resting position between more energetic episodes.

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