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Spreader bars used in bondage
Model on spreader bar with dildo

A spreader bar is a piece of equipment used in the practice of bondage. At minimum it consists of a stiff bar, typically two to three feet long with attachment points for restraints at each end.

It may include extra attachment points along its length for collars, suspension play, or as anchoring points for ropes or chains that may in turn attach to other hardware. Care is needed with suspension, as many spreader bars are unable to take the weight of a person.

Some spreader bars can telescope so their length can be varied. Such bars are usually less strong than ordinary ones.

Typically worn on the ankles, it both immobilises the feet, preventing all but the most awkward walking, and also spreads the legs, allowing greater access to the wearer's genitals, backside, and legs. They can also be worn on the wrists.

A pole may be fixed to the middle of the bar and topped with a dildo that is inserted into the wearer.

A spreader bar that fastens to the neck and wrists is a yoke.

Spreader bar attached to ankles
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