Steel bondage

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Woman in steel bondage

Steel bondage involves metal restraints, usually made of iron or steel, such as handcuffs or shackles. Due to the unforgiving nature of metal versus flesh, steel bondage has its own set of safety issues.

Steel bondage appeals to people for a number of reasons: there is the contrast between the soft flesh and hard steel, steel bondage has a feeling of inescapability about it, it is also quick to apply and requires little forethought or planning.

A few simple rules:

  • Always use good quality handcuffs with a double lock mechanism AND USE IT!
  • Don't make the cuffs too tight. Handcuffs don't need to be tight to be secure.
  • Never use steel cuffs for suspension or make your captive lie on them. This can cause serious nerve damage.
  • Be very careful with leg irons. If they are too tight, the captive won't be able to walk, and the pressure could damage the Achilles tendons or bruise the ankles. Leg irons over boots are best if the bound person will have to move around in them.
  • Always keep a spare key at hand.

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