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* [ BDSM Library]
* [ BDSM Library]
* [ Bound Stories]
* [ Bound Stories]
* [ Fesseln's Fiction]
* [ Gagged Utopia's Story Archive]
* [ Gagged Utopia's Story Archive]
* [ Greggerbits: Women in straitjackets]
* [ Greggerbits: Women in straitjackets]

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If you have a story that you would like to publish on the wipi then add a link here.

No stories, factual or fictional, may be posted with people's real names or well-known pseudonyms; stories must protect people's privacy.

The policy of this site is that all BDSM activity must be totally consensual. The description of non-consensual activity in stories does not imply any endorsement of such behaviour.

Adding new stories

If you want to add a new story please carry out the following steps

  1. Edit this page and insert the title of your work. Stories and poems are listed in the order they were added, newest at the top of the list. The work should be listed using the following syntax:
    *[[The title of your story]].
  2. If the story or poem uses a common word such as bondage, there might already be an article of that name on the system. In that case, prefix the title with story: and use the following syntax *[[Story: Bondage|Bondage]] This will enable you to link to an article called 'Story: Bondage' but display only 'Bondage' on the screen.
  3. Preview this article and check that the link for your work apppears in red; if it appears in blue then an article of that name already exists and you must choose a new name for your story. Save the changes when you have finished.
  4. Go back to the story page and click on the link for the piece you have just inserted.
  5. You will now be in an editing screen. Paste your poem into the input screen. Paragraphs and verses need to have blank lines separating them; to force line feeds without leaving a blank line put a <br> at the end of each line.
  6. Preview, and when correct click on save. Done!

See also

External links

This List of BDSM story sites provides links to BDSM stories. Wipipedia is not affiliated with the authors of these pages nor responsible for their content.

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