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Sub drop is an emotional reaction that can sometimes happen after play. The feelings are akin to depression.

A whole mix of body chemicals get released during play - endorphines, natural opiates, adrenaline and seratonine. These are very powerful chemicals, some of them akin to some heavy non-prescription drugs.

All these being released in the body has an impact.

After play, sometimes subs can feel extremely down. This is something that both the sub and the Dom should be aware of. It might be a little bit like the "small death" and the "sadness" that all animals are supposed to feel after making love.

Doms need to be aware of Sub drop and also the need for emotional and other care post-session. Different Subs react to play in different ways; some need hugs and cuddles, some need a period of reflection, some need warmth, e.g. being wrapped in a blanket etc.

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