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The Submissive Wife Project

The Submissive Wife Project is a community for adult women only, and was launched nearly two decades ago as a series of user groups, first on Delphi and CompuServe, then on Yahoo. The central element of the groups was the information provided by a common instructor. The formal website was created in 2003 by user-group participants, who are all volunteers. Not all members are married, but all are adult women.

The Project is predicated on the notion that in the context of a balanced relationship, “submissive” cannot be the same as “subservient,” and that a submissive woman is an intelligent woman who understands the overwhelming power of her own natural instincts with clarity -- and understands the most effective way of expressing them.

The Project places primary emphasis on two overarching concepts. First, that by being attentive to her own spiritual, emotional, sexual and intellectual growth, a woman will create the circumstances that allow for a natural, unforced, reciprocal growth in her partner. Second, that by fully embracing submission as a way of living, rather than as a lifestyle choice, a woman will gain benefit for herself and those around her.

The Project is administered by a small, sororal community of women. Project moderators say the Project is not intended as a recruitment tool, but as a way of providing information about how the principles they follow may be helpful to other women. The community has a limit of 200 active members. Members go through an strict screening process before being given novice status.

The Project's website is one activity of a larger community dedicated to various approaches to rational, spiritual, sexual, and practical submission. The larger community is governed by a board of directors from both North America and Europe, all of whom are women.

The site contains no pornographic images but the site's index page requests visitors to its pages to be at least 21 years of age.


Submissive Wife Project

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