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The Gorean dictionary linked to is a glossary of terms connected with the fictional planet Gor, regardless of whether they have any particular relevance for BDSM... AnonMoos 10:55, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

Simplifying the variations found in the Gor books a little in one respect

So far I haven't included the "Turian Camisk" and "Chatka and Curla" slave garments of the southern hemisphere of the planet Gor which violate the northern hemisphere "No Nether Closure" rule (while even in the northern hemisphere, masters are occasionally known to tie cords tightly over the thin garments which a kajira wears on her upper body in order to accentuate her breasts). This is because I've been trying to emphasize the principle of "brevity, openness, and looseness" which prevails most of the time in kajira attire, so that detailing the partial limited exceptions to this principle might be confusing. Even though certain kinds of tight-fitting kajira garments do exist, it's still the case that bra-and-panties or bikini type garments are un-Gorean (as can be seen in several passages in the books). AnonMoos 12:51, 18 June 2010 (UTC)

Have now included southern hemisphere clothes on the page. I made the description of the Turian camisk very brief, since I don't understand the details of Norman's descriptions of how it is fastened on, and I'm not sure whether many other people do either... Also included a basic description of Panther girls, since they have assumed great importance in some forms of on-line Gorean roleplaying (even though the direct BDSM relevance might be somewhat small). AnonMoos 22:42, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
Now there's a reasonably specific explanation under "slave silks", but I've omitted all mention of upper-body cording (also practiced by some free women on Gor, such as those of the Alar tribe). High-heels are also un-Gorean, but this is only indirectly implied by what's in the article now. AnonMoos 11:40, 10 July 2010 (UTC)

love silks

This term is not really defined the one time that it occurs in the paperbacks (in Gor book 6), but I'm assuming that the flimsy/sheer gowns worn by Lady Florence of Venna in chapter 14 of Gor book 14, by Lady Yanina of Brundisium in chapter 9 of Gor book 20, and by Tarna of the Tahari in Gor book 10 are examples... AnonMoos 10:24, 15 July 2010 (UTC)


This word actually doesn't occur in the Gor books, but I'm using it as a technical term to briefly indicate similarities between Gorean laws and ancient Roman laws (for those who know something about ancient Roman law). AnonMoos 12:33, 4 December 2010 (UTC)


I've tried to keep to the Oxford version of British spelling, but I'm not too sure about "fiber" and its various derived forms... AnonMoos 06:08, 15 June 2011 (UTC)

It's "fibre"; I've amended accordingly. Incidentally, this is by fsr the longest article on the site, indeed longer than the next three put together. Maybe it should be split. Some of the other long articles might be trimmed; I'm not sure what Internet troll is doing here at all.--Speedoslover 18:32, 15 June 2011 (UTC)
I know, but it's slowly accumulated from 6,827 bytes (first recorded byte count), as you can see at the full history listing, and I'm not sure how to split it in any way which would be stable for the long term. The whole Gor field has so many misconceptions and sloppy misreadings based on on-line chat roleplaying that I thought it would be good to write down somewhat authoritative information which is not encumbered by endless trivia about the animals, time-measurement systems, etc. etc. of the books (as is usual with even good Gorean websites)... AnonMoos 23:52, 15 June 2011 (UTC)
P.S. You didn't change "rough-fibered", which is actually what I was most uncertain about. AnonMoos 00:02, 16 June 2011 (UTC)
Sorry - done.--Speedoslover 08:08, 17 June 2011 (UTC)

further on what is included and excluded (re: length)

P.S. I've rigorously excluded all Gorean weapons, animals, lists of cities and tribal groups, calendar conventions, reports of battles, and many other colorful details irrelevant to the main purpose here -- so this article is actually shorter than other dictionaries or "encyclopedias" on various Gorean websites. However, I've included a few cultural customs or institutions which are not too directly BDSM-relevant. This is because Norman isn't all that great as a straight-up fantastic adventure writer, nor as a straight-up science-fiction writer, nor in certain aspects of constructing seamlessly-consistent detailed alternative worlds -- but what Norman is very good at is "imaginative ethnography", or building up a comprehensive and coherent system of social symbols and customs which adds up to a complete whole which is rather different from current western societies. The article is kind of my tribute to Norman's imaginative ethnography, and an attempt to assemble accurate BDSM-relevant information in one place (since much of the Gor-related information on different websites is not so accurate)... AnonMoos 16:20, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

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