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Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man.

It is the act of sucking, licking and nibbling a man's penis and testicles. It is also known as a blowjob, though blowing should not be involved, as it may lead to infection in the urinary or reproductive tracts. Suck, never blow.

The man may, or may not, orgasm while being sucked. It is commonly a considerable pleasure to do so, as a mouth is, or ideally should be, active in ways no other body orifice can be. The sucker often enjoys having the man come while sucking because of the feeling of throbbing and spurting, i.e. sharing the explosion. Nevertheless, some men are inhibited from doing so, no matter how skilled (or inept) the sucker is.

The word comes from the Latin fellatus, past participle of fellare "to suck". A male who performs fellatio is a fellator and a female is a fellatrice or fellatrix.

Another term, dating from the late 19th century, is French. It reflects a belief that oral sex was a French perversion. This usage is found in both the USA and UK, but is not widespread.



The psychological meaning of fellatio is of course important and rather different depending on context, even if the physical stimulation is quite similar. Examples:

A vanilla couple in which one partner occasionally sucks the penis of the other. Or,
In a D/s relationship, the sub might perform a hour of 'cock worship' every few days as part of a submission rite. Or,
In a Master/slave relationship, the Master may sit on the face of the submissive where and when the urge occurs.
A submissive may be required to awaken the man with fellatio whenever he has morning wood.

These examples are similar in much of the action performed, but quite different in emotional quality, and, dpending on the person, in the nature and degree of pleasure obtained by either partner. The slave may derive very considerable pleasure from being strongly used by the Master for his pleasure; this is very common. But perhaps there will be much less satisfaction from routine sucking while not bound or not blindfolded or so on, or from something less than deep throat use. On the other hand, the submissive in this instance, likely derives much pleasure from serving the Dominant in this intimate way, by servicing his cock at length, and may not enjoy simply being 'taken' orally.

And, in a vanilla relationship, the performer often enjoys exciting the man in furtherance of other activities. Because this is a vanilla relationship, the sucker is unlikely to find being used or required to serve congenial. That said, a good number of nominally vanilla folks have kinky tendencies, whether consciously realized or not and so vanilla folk are sometimes surprised by learning something about themselves.

Tea bagging

Tea bagging is a form of oral sex in which a man puts his testicles in and out of his partner's mouth so that they can be licked and sucked but the penis is not touched. It is practised by both heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The name obviously refers to the similarity to dipping a tea bag repeatedly into a cup.


A first consideration is no teeth. The erect penis is filled with blood under pressure, and if any of the hydraulic arrangements are interferred with (eg, by teeth or bending so much as 'fracture' one of the engorged erectile tissue tubes), the damage may be permanent, or fatal.

The basic technique is to stimulate the penis using the warmth and moisture of the mouth, the sliding friction of lips, tongue, the interior of the mouth, and in deep throat, the tissues at the entrance to the throat. Depending on the situation, the stimulation should

be applied so as to steadily increase arousal toward orgasm, or
to reach and keep arousal at a high level just short of orgasm, or
during a mouthfuck, to stimulate as possible -- in passing, while the penis is moved in and out.

Some men find particular kinds of stimulation particularly arousing. For example, very wet friction, or tonguetip rubbing against the glans or just below it at the join with the shaft (the frenum), licking of the shaft, concentration on the glans rather than the shaft or motion up and down it, or when the glans enters the throat at the end of a thrust, etc. Just what a particular man and his penis finds especially simulating is something that not even the man may not be able to tell you about, since he may never have encountered a skilled artist before. Exploration, however it's done, can be enjoyable for all.

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra includes a chapter on fellatio, and has a list of various suggested ways to stimulate a penis while doing so. Its list is in the way of a recommended sequence of performance, but individual techniques may very well be used independently if they entire sequence is not wanted. In any case, mastering each would be good practice for any sucker. The suggested structure is less than applicable, perhaps, in a D/s context, since the power situation is rather different.

Bareback blow job

This is when fellatio is performed without a condom. Many people feel that a condom decreases the sensual thril of fellatio for both partners. However, not using one greatly increases the possibility of transmitting HIV and other infections, especially during casual sex encounters, so this practice is not safe sex.


This is where the woman is passive and just allows the man to move his penis in and out of her mouth as if it were her vagina, while making little or no effort to lick it.

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