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TEASE is an annual outdoor BDSM Educational Camping Convention; a Pan-Sexual and Pan-Kink, lifestyle event - held over over five days and four nights. The convention is held on a private kink-friendly adult camp ground close to the shores of Lake Erie, in South Western Ontario Canada, in July.

TEASE is a private event only open to 325 pre-paid registered members and is open to any and all adults (18 and over) from around the world. Attendees include singles, couples, Poly groups, families, swingers, monogamous, the celibate, from all sexual orientations and power orientations.

Events usually include 20 workshops, 15 exploratoriums, pony events, Puppy play events, a Fox Hunt (paint ball), a 2 day BDSM Community Marketplace (with local vendors), hot tubs, BDSM games, socials, nightly play parties (with multiple Play Areas), High TEA, and some special events. Registration includes camping, and all events as part of your registration fee; also available are optional t-shirts and a Thursday dinner (selected during registration).

TEASE is Sponsored by the BDSM London Munch, as well as by DAL (Dark Angel's Lair - Play Party), both of London Ontario Canada. TEASE is also Sponsored by EHBC of Kitchener-Waterloo, and by Club 13 of Guelph Ontario Canada.

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