The Scene

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a toy

a piece of equipment that you use for BDSM (eg a whip).

to play

to participate in a BDSM activity (e.g. spanking). It does not imply any particularly high (or low) level of seriousness or reality.

a scene

an uninterrupted session during which the participants are actually playing, and can last from seconds to a lifetime. It does not have to have an audience, nor does it imply roleplay, S&M or any one specific element.

the Scene

the BDSM community. It can mean both the people who play together, and the events that bring them together.

If you believe in doing BDSM activities, and you identify with the Scene, then you are part of it. There is no entrance exam, no initiation ritual, you don't have to be into any particular aspect of BDSM nor do you have to be a recognised public player. There is no particular virtue in being an old or heavy player, so don't be intimidated if you are not - you are just as welcome here.

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