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TheDarkThrust is a monthly, free play party for Black and Mixed race Black men and tgirls (transvestites/non-op transsexuals).

In February 2009, two black men and two tgirls met for a sex session in a Travelodge Hotel in Camberley, Surrey. At that party the question was asked , "why can't we do this every month ? Why don't we invite more Black men and tgirls? And so, Tiffany tgirl from began working out the logistics and promotion of such an event.

In April 2009 Tiffany hosted, in her penthouse home in S.Central London, the first ever official DarkThrust party. Numbers were low, probably only about 3 Black men and 4 tgirls but over the coming month and years the party grew.

TheDarkThrust venue has a regular playroom and also a home dungeon playroom, for Black men who prefer kinkier activities with the more submissive, compliant and kinky tgirls.

The joy of TheDarkThrust parties is that they are always FREE to attend, no door charge, although in recent times attendees have been asked if they would like to make a voluntary contribution to cover party costs. At the parties condoms, lube, alcoholic and soft drinks are provided - free of charge.

TheDarkThrust do not allow any gurl or guy to "just walk in off the street" and attend. There is a procedure in place where Black men and tgirls who are known to each other can attend; any new members have a simple "vetting" process to go through. Due to this, membership does not run into the hundreds but instead consists of a core, trusted group of around 30 tgirls and 70 Black men.

The venue will hold about 20 people, so at any given party there tends to be around 8 tgirls and 12 Black men.

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Full details about TheDarkThrust parties can be found on their website at

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