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Cathie Jung

A Tightlacer is someone, most typically female, who regularly practises tightlacing.

Some people choose tightlacing from aesthetic reasons. Some do this to improve the figure, while others have a goal to achieve an extra-narrow, "wasp waist". This can be very important for some male to female transvestites, for whom achieving a feminine figure is a key requirement.

Some people enjoy the physical sensations of tightlacing.

Some tightlacers become psychologically dependent on the tight corset or belt.

The term tightlacer is generally used for someone who sleeps in a corset, or wears it most of the time. It is also used for men from wear corsets.

List of well-known tightlacers

  • Lillie Langtry c. 1890
  • Polaire about 1914, 13 or 14 in (330 to 360 mm)
  • Ethel Granger about 1930-50, 13 in (330 mm)
  • Spook 2003, 14 in (360 mm) [1]
  • Sylphide 2002 15 in (380 mm) [2]
  • Cathie Jung [3]

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