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Topping From the Bottom is a phrase used in the lifestyle to describe a situation or relationship where the bottom, or submissive, partner is controlling the encounter, directing events, or calling the shots.

In an SM scene between partners who do not have a long term relationship, the Bottom will often have quite a lot of control over what is going to happen and even just how it is going to happen, with the Top adjusting to the bottom's indications quite closely.

When referring to a sub or slave in a longer term relationship, the phrase Topping From the Bottom is often used as a negative assessment of the submissive's behaviour, or perhaps as a reflection of the quality of the dominant's control. It is quite pejorative in this sense. Sometimes, however, in such a situation/relationship, it is quite acceptable when the submissive is teaching the dominant something. Also, not all bottoms are subs, and this can be a normal top/bottom relationship.

Some submissives have strong ideas about how they think a dominant should behave and are forthright when someone doesn't dominate them just the way they want to be dominated. People who make a habit of this are also sometimes called pushy subs or pushy bottoms.

Topping From the Bottom can refer to scening, to sex, to lifestyle behaviour and is even a phrase used with similar meaning in business management.

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