Total enclosure fetishism

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Total enclosure; courtesy Westward Bound

Fetishistic activities based on total enclosure of the body exist in several forms:

  • Rubber fetishists often fantasise about being totally enclosed in rubber catsuits and gas masks;
  • Vacuum beds rigidly enclose the entire body under a rubber sheet with a small breathing tube;
  • Some bondage enthusiasts also use sleep sacks and body bags; see mummification;
  • Zentai bodysuits offer those with a spandex fetish the chance to be completely enclosed in skin-tight fabric from head to toe. In the case of zentai, the wearer breathes through the loose-woven fabric itself, the garment is not as tight as a rubber or PVC garment would be, and the costume generally comes off with a zipper that can be operated by the wearer.

Total enclosure is often linked with sensory deprivation.

Although many people would regard these experiences as claustrophobic, some people put their fantasies into practice, sometimes combining them with bondage to intensify feelings of helplessness. As with all activities involving bondage or potential risk to breathing, this is a risky activity. Clearly, maintaining an airway, preventing postural asphyxia, and ensuring that the enclosed person has a means of escape at all times are of paramount importance, if these activities are not to result in death. (See the articles on bondage: Safety, erotic asphyxiation and autoerotic asphyxia for some discussion of the risks involved).

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