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She opens the first door and closes it again behind him.
This room is long and narrow. It is lighted by a single window, framing the sea. To right and left, two small shelves display a dozen or so papyrus rolls.
"These are the books you love," says Chrysis. "There are no others."
Demetrius opens them: there is Chaeremon's Oeneus, Alexis' Return, Aristippus' Mirror of Laïs, the Sorceress, the Cyclops and the Shepherds' Songs of Theocritus, Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, the Odes of Sappho and one or two others, none of them of any great length.
In the centre of this perfect library a naked girl, resting upon cushions, lies silent.
Pierre Louys, Aphrodite


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