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Balzac is a London Fetish Scene crewmember (responsible for managing the advertising on the website). He is married to Cerys who is also a crewmember on LFS. Both he and Cerys are switches. Since becoming a parent his fetish clubbing activities have had to take a backseat (a least until a suitable kink friendly babysitter can be found) to his new responsibilities.

He works as a freelance computer programmer and lives in Camden in North London.

He has been interested in BDSM for as long as he can remember but has only been actively involed in the scene for a few years. The nickname comes from Honoré de Balzac (1799 - 1850) , the author of Droll Stories and an early corruptor of his sexuality. The book and its illustrations was given to Balzac's father in 1940 then sat unread on his bookshelf for 30 years until found by a small boy who was profoundly affected by the underlying sexuality of the stories.

So.... Was Balzac to blame for his warped sexuality or was it his mother for putting him in rubber pants and reins at the age of three?

Balzac is unsure.

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