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[[Image:Mask.jpg|thumb|Mistress Nikki in her Favourite Mask]]
[ Mistress Nikki's lair]
Mistress Nikki is not quite yet a "Lifestyle" Dominant. She has too much Vanilla getting in the way!
However, she is a Hedonist of the highest order, and enjoys the buzz she gets from making people moan and squirm!
Active on the scene for coming up to 5 years, she has been a [[Torture Garden]] House Mistress since Jan 2001, she is an active participant in "scene-supporting activities", hosting [ The Docklands Munch] with Lionheart, writing articles for the LFS [ Novice to Naughty in 3 easy lessons] and she hosted two workshops at Kinkfest 2004 ("Domination 101" and "Sewing from a Fetish perspective".
She is currently adding bits to the [[Wipipedia]] and being very social, in the hopes of finding a new chap to have lots of sex with.

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