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A list of userboxes relating to bondage



Code Result
{{user strict bondage}}
Trussed up.jpg This user likes to be in strict bondage.
{{user tied up}}
Bdsmexample.jpg This user likes to be tied up.
{{user tie up others}}
Bdsmexample.jpg This user likes to tie others up.
{{user tied up 24}}
Bdsmexample.jpg This user likes to be tied up for 24 hours or more.
{{user hogties}}
Hogtie.jpg This user likes hogties.
{{user tied up predicament}}
BISH0846.JPG This user has been tied up and is now in a bit of a predicament.


Code Result
{{user dungeon}}
D This user owns a dungeon.
{{user wants dungeon}}
d This user wants a dungeon.

Bondage of parts of the body

Code Result
{{user bottom bound}}
Bottom bondage.jpg This user likes their bottom bound.
{{user breast bound}}
Clothed breast bondage.jpg This user likes their breasts bound.
{{user elbow bound}}
Elbow bondage1.jpg This user likes their elbows bound.
{{user hair bound}}
Hair This user likes their hair bound.
{{user head bound}}
Head This user likes their head bound.

Bondage clothes

Code Result
{{user armbinder}}
A Blue Coloured Monoglove style Armbinder.jpg This user likes to wear an armbinder.
{{user belt}}
Bodybelt.jpg This user wears a bondage belt.
{{user cuffs}}
Bondage cuffs 01.JPG his user wears cuffs.
{{user collar}}
Collar 01.JPG This user wears a collar.
{{user posture}}
Posture collar.jpg This user wears a posture collar.
{{user leash}}
Girl with mask on leash.jpeg This user is leashed.
{{user chastity}}
Chastity belt.jpg This user wears a chastity device such as a chastity belt or a CB2000. CB2000A.jpg

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