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This is the LondonFetishScene Wipipedia. Its aim is to become an encyclopedia all about fetishism.

The content of this site is distributed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License. The exception to this is for photos that have been uploaded to the website with the copyright holder's permission to use on the Wipipedia. In this case the GNU Free Documentation License does not apply to those images and permission should be sought from the owner of the image to use it on other websites.

You may not access this site from jurisdictions where accessing or providing adult material is illegal. You may not upload text, pictures or other content which is likely to be legally obscene under English law. Furthermore, you may not upload pictures of children, or adults who appear to be children, in any context, however innocent the image appears to be.

You may not use this site if you are under 18 years of age, or the age of majority where you are - whichever is greater.

You may not use this site to infringe other people's copyrights. By uploading text, pictures or other content to the wipipedia, you assert that you own the copyright, have permission from the copyright owner or the material's copyright is in the public domain. Any picture or text uploaded to this site that contravenes the image owner's rights or UK obscenity laws or is considered at risk of doing so will be deleted. If you find any picture that you consider contravenes these terms please contact Balzac and it will be removed. Any image that appears to originate from a pay site will be treated with extreme caution by the administrators, detailed information about copyright status and how permission was obtained should be provided.

(Note that when uploading images from a 'free' resource such as Wikipedia, you should comply with specific copyright on that image and copy any copyright notices to the image's page on this site. There are templates to assist in this.)

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