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Wipipedia wants you! Together we build an encyclopedia and a wipi community. You can edit and create articles on Wipipedia right now. Learn how to contribute with the tutorial.

Things you can do

  • Copyedit: Many of the articles need improvement, correcting spelling mistakes and bad English.
  • Categorise: (Very important) make sure articles are associated with the correct categories. Having articles correctly categorised makes it much easier for people to browse the Wipi and to find related information.
  • Wipify: Articles can be improved by adding links to other articles to allow people to navigate more easily and to make the experience richer.
  • Update: Update articles to reflect the current situation in the scene e.g. clubbing.
  • Merge: Combine articles that cover the same topic e.g. sadist and sadism
  • Requests: Is there a link that ends in a blank article? Go on, write a piece for it. Or if there is already an article under a synonym or slighly different name then use #REDIRECT [[article name]] to redirect the link.
  • Plunder raid : As there as not exactly an explosion of inspiration for original work, why not consider to do without reinventing the wheel - for example, there is oodles of fun to be had copying (or even better, elaborating upon) the articles one can spot quite easily in WikiPedia (entirely free for use on other GFDL sites like the Wipipedia; please consider returning the favor, at the least creating links between both sites as Source.)
  • Fix redlinks See here for a list of articles that need creating because they are referenced in other articles; if the article would be inappropriate for Wipipedia, remove the [[ ]] brackets or make a link to Wikipedia if it has a suitable article.
  • Expand articles - see Category:Articles to be expanded.

If you like something you have seen

Then give them a pat on the back!

If there is something about the Wipi you think needs changing

Add your thoughts and ideas and report bugs to the community portal discussion page: Wipipedia talk:Community Portal

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