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  • There is a literature category and a few books are covered but there is no Books topic - we could do with one, as a place to bring together the literature often advised as reading, under meaningful headings.
  • We need the list of common power exchange scenes to be expanded and improved. If you know about even just one (your favourite?) scene involving D/s, make sure it's there!
  • Advice on using pro-dommes There are a lot of Pro-Dommes out there; can we have an article on people's experiences of using one, what's the best way of finding one, good and bad experiences etc.
  • Sex positions. We are still missing many topics on sex positions. If you're a versatile person or couple, take a look through the broken links (i.e. links to topics that don't exist) on the List of sex positions topic.
  • Whips: Safety and technique Whips have strong imagery in BSDM but they can be dangerous; can we have an article on how to use them safely.
  • Not much has been written on BDSM rights, although some of the text in BDSM Rights Flag is helpful. Can someone create an article about that?
  • Personal experiences: Many of the articles could benefit from a companion article on people's personal experiences of the topic. For instance, there is an article called Switch and another called Switch - Personal Experiences. Please feel free to apply this concept to other articles in the Wipipedia. Create a link in the "See Also" section of the original article with a link to a new article called "XXXX - Personal Experiences" and get writing!
  • There appears to be duplication and confusion on the Medical theme. There is Medical play and Medical fetishism. Possibly they could be merged by someone familiar with the topic.
  • There is currently no topic covering Mind control methods or fantasies.

For a list of all topics that are referenced by Wipipedia text but have no content, see the wanted pages list.

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