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Wrestling is a sport where two people (usually male) fight each other by grappling, each trying to throw and then pinion the other. In tag team wrestling, two pairs of people fight.

Wrestlers typically wear tight shorts similar to Speedos. This was originally to stop a wrestler grabbing his opponent's shorts. Also, wrestlers are often well-muscled.

Wrestling is traditionally in a ring similar to a boxing ring. It is a rectangular raised platform covered with canvas; there is a post at each corner with ropes between them to stop people falling off. In a cage match, there are metal bars forming a cage round the ring. This stops people escaping. It is more dangerous than a normal ring because people can be hurt if they are thrown against the bars.

Wrestling matches between gay men may be fair play or very one-sided (two or three against one). Part of the object may be to remove the opponent's shorts. Matches may involve handling the opponent's genitals and in extreme cases may resemble a cockfight.

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