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Cross-dresser as ballerina
Seated ballerina
Ballet dancers
Ballet dancers

Ballet is a very stylised form of dance, usually designed to tell a story. The word comes from the Latin ballare (to dance).

There are elements of ballet which feature in fetish and BDSM imagery and fashion. The most notable examples are ballet boots and tutus.

The technique of dancing en pointe where the ballerina is balanced on tiptoe with their feet vertical has been taken as the inspiration for the ballet boot. The ballet boot forces the wearer’s feet into an en pointe posture but unlike ballet shoes they allow the wearer only limited movement.

Tutus are extremely revealing, especially when the wearer bends forward on one foot and pirouettes.

The image of men in tights, often showing a male bulge, may appeal to gay men and cross-dressers.

Ballet dancers, both male and female feature in fetish imagery, a search of the web will bring up numerous sites with pictures and video showing a fetishistic portrayal of them.

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