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Bondage tape from

Bondage tape is a 2-3 inch wide strip of thin plastic material that adheres only to itself, without any adhesive, that is specifically designed to be used in erotic bondage. It comes in a range of colours. As it does not stick to the hair or skin, a captive can be be tightly bound and/or gagged without causing harm when the tape is removed; it is therefore often preferable to duct tape.

Some tape is thick enough to allow it to be unwound, unwrinkled and rewound for reuse, but usually it is simply and quickly removed by cutting it with blunt-tipped scissors.

If the tape is applied relatively flat on the body, the risk of losing circulation is minimal. However, until the captor is sufficiently practised, the tape is easily twisted, in which case it becomes like plastic string and thus more likely to pinch and possibly cause a loss of circulation.

An alternative is to use Vetrap, which has similar properties to bondage tape but is made from fabric.

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