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A boy is a young male-gendered person.

Partly by analogy with the traditionally submissive position of minors versus their adult educators, the word became also used, regardless of age, for servants (especially domestic), trainees etcetera, and also for soldiers, as the physically demanding fighting lead to recruiting mainly (or drafting esclusively) young men.

Boy is used in some BDSM circles as a synonym for a male submissive or bottom, not necessarily including age-play, but considered the party naturally subjected to the decisions of the 'senior' partner (top).

It is especially common for a dominator, often the Mistress in an M/s relationship, to refer to his/her male slave as "boy".

In various forms of role-play, the submissive party will play a lazy house-boy, naughty schoolboy, daddy's mischievous son etcetera .

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The deliberately aberrant spelling Boi is used in lesbian SM groups to refer to butch female bottoms or tops but is sometimes also used (in fact a verbal travesty) by male bottoms.

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