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The CB2000 unfitted
The CB2000 locked in place!

The CB2000 is a male chastity device made from clear polycarbonate that has been designed for long-term wear. It consists of two parts: a cock ring and a cage which surrounds the penis. A lockable nylon post holds the cage against the cock ring and when locked in place it is very difficult to remove. Whilst worn, it prevents the victim from achieving a full erection and effectively prevents masturbation. It does however rub and press against the penis, making it difficult for the wearer to forget that he has it on; this in turn can keep the wearer in a state of extended sexual frustration.

The design of the device allows it to be worn for extended periods (several weeks or more). Different size cock rings and spacers allow the CB2000 to be fitted to a range of penis sizes. A minority of men have reported that they can pull their penis out of the CB2000, masturbate, and replace the penis. This was particularly prevelent in men with small penises or low-hanging testicles. The manufacturer has produced an add-on called "Points of Intrigue" to help with this problem.

The company manufacturing the CB2000 has brought out two new models: the CB3000 and The Curve. These use the same basic principle as the CB2000 but employ a slightly different design to make them easier to be worn by men with larger penis sizes.

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