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A chain is a connected set of links of material (usually metal) used to bind or restrain. A length of chain, either used on its own or in conjunction with bondage cuffs, is a popular item of bondage equipment. Whilst providing the same basic function as rope, it offers a number of unique characteristics:

  • It is hard and has a feeling of inescapability which can appeal.
  • In use, there is a strong contrast between the softness of the skin and the hardness of the chain.
  • Used with chain clips or padlocks, chain can be joined quickly and easily and does not require a knowledge of knots.
  • Chain (unlike rope) can be used to tether someone to a fixed object without having to bind them.
  • Chain can be used in conjunction with padlocks to construct inescapable restraints which still leave the victim with a degree of freedom of movement (for household chores etc.).
  • Chain comes in various weights, and very heavy chains can be used as much for its weight as its restraining effect.

Generally people using chain in bondage use chain links that are smooth, rather than having the ridge from welding, as these ridges can cause (undesired) discomfort.

If using padlocks, it is a very good idea to invest in a set of identically keyed padlocks. Small padlocks can be sourced quite easily from BDSM equipment suppliers; larger ones might need to be bought from specialist locksmiths.

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