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Eproctophilia (occasionally incorrectly labeled flatuphilia) is a paraphilia that deals with sexual arousal related to flatulence. It is sometimes seen as a lighter form of coprophilia, though eproctophiles do not partake in scat play. It is also sometimes viewed as a variation of olfactophilia, sexual arousal from bodily odors.

Eproctophilia is commonly referred to as a "fart fetish." Most eproctophiles are heterosexual males aroused by female flatulence. However, there is also a minority of females who claim to have the fetish, claiming to either admire their partner's flatulence or are aroused at the idea of farting on their partner.

While the fetish is fairly obscure, it has its own pornography, and seems to have grown in popularity in recent years (though it is still generally unknown). It is interesting to note that fart fetish porn often has little to no sexual intercourse, and can even contain no nudity; most videos involving the fetish are simply video recordings of women passing gas. Most videos of their nature originate from Japan, Brazil, the United States, or various western European countries.

A common way the fetish is acted upon is a variation of facesitting; the dominant partner sits on the submissive one's face and expels flatulence on his face. Another common method is a variation of arse worship in which one partner's butt is the center of attention, but mainly for fart-related purposes. It is also commonly only satisfied during sexual foreplay; the fetishist's partner simply farts near or on him, then the couple engage in vanilla sex.

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