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Markova's friend (posted by Markova)

The spring of 2012 was very wet, but there were a handful of days that were warm and sunny. On one of these days I agreed to try some fairy exhibitionism with my friend "Markova".

She did our make-up, quite heavy with scarlet lips, rouged cheeks and lots of mascara.

We had very similar costumes, except that she was the Bad Fairy all in black, and I was the good one all in white. We started with thongs of course, the type with attached suspenders. These were followed by stockings. Mine had lacy tops; hers had rear seams but plain tops. I very meticulously checked that her seams were dead straight.

We laced each other into corsets, pulling them as tight as we could; she had lent me one of hers. That reduced our waists a bit. The corsets had bra cups and shoulder straps, so we reckoned that made us just about decent without having to wear tops. After all, as she explained, part of the object is to be as daring with your outfit as you can get away with.

Around our waists over the bottom of the corsets went tutus. They were short and stiff and stood out, revealing our stocking tops and allowing anyone who crouched down an excellent upskirt view of our thongs. We then had wide belts to cover our waistbands. Mine was gold and hers was silver. Long gloves covered our arms to above our elbows. Of course our shoes had high stiletto heels. Hers had straps that padlocked on, so that she could not take them off without a key; mine lacked that refinement. We had lots of ostentatious jewellery - a bracelet on each wrist, a necklace and huge dangly earrings - and she had a tiara while I sported a fancy-dress crown. Hers were all silvery and mine were gold, to match our belts (not real silver and gold of course). Naturally we had to have wings, large ones. Mine were of a smooth butterfly shape; hers were irregular and gothic. The final touch was a wand - a star on the end of a stick - each.

A friend drove us to a park, and then we waited inside the gate while he parked. He would discreetly shadow us just in case we needed any help. Just waiting at the gate, we attracted stares from the passersby, but we smiled sweetly at everyone and most smiled back. When we saw our friend return, we headed into the park with him following. We did not walk very fast, as I am not that used to such high heels. The park was quite busy, with many people taking advantage of a rare warm, sunny day. As we walked, we turned from side to side and waved our wands at people. We stuck to the paths, as on the grass our heels would have sunk deep into the damp ground.

More than one man leered or wolf whistled at us. One or two came up and made suggestive remarks, but we just explained that we were fairies and asked if they were. That seemed to put them off! At no time did we feel intimidated. Some people seemed genuinely curious about what we were doing, maybe wondering if it was a film or TV stunt. We just explained that we were trying to cheer people up by bringing a little fairy charm into humdrum lives, and people seemed to appreciate that.

The funniest thing was a little boy asking his grandmother if we could do magic. She replied gravely that we must still be in training and not yet ready to do magic.

We wandered around for about an hour, by which time my feet were certainly killing me, then we returned to the gate and our friend drove us home.

Was it fun? Yes, as a one-off. Would I do it again? Certainly not in stilettos!

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