Fairy exhibitionism

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A woman dressed as a fairy in public

Fairy exhibitionism refers to the practice of dressing up as a fairy and walking around in public.

Usually, gauze wings will be worn on the back. Other clothes commonly worn include a tutu (allowing the thong or frilly knickers to be seen), stockings and suspenders or hold-ups, and stilettos. A wand may be carried.

Practitioners claim that being a fairy in public can be life-enhancing. People will ask you about why you are dressed up and wearing wings and they will smile or giggle at you and tell you that you have brightened their day. If folk admire your wings you can offer to let them try them on. Carrying a little pot of glitter (fairy dust) is helpful when interacting with people. You can put a little dusting of glitter on their face.

Someone may be forced to do this as humiliation or forced feminisation, or it may be a voluntary act of cross-dressing.

There is no implication that someone doing this activity is showing symptoms of exhibitionism in the clinical sense.

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