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Fetpedia was a wiki that was created in December 2012 by copying all the articles from Wipipedia. The site was part of FetBook. It was not updated to reflect edits to Wipipedia, although a very few edits were made independently. No talk pages or user pages were copied. Wipipedia as such was only acknowledged briefly, but page histories were copied so that individual contributors can be identified.

Nearly all of the edits made there were spambots creating nonsense user pages; no attempt was made to control them or delete these pages. All photos were copied over, even ones clearly labelled "This work is copyrighted, and is used by Wipipedia with permission of the holder", still using the word Wipipedia.

The site was taken dowwn "for maintenance" in about June 2013 and all traces disappeared when FetBook was revamped later in 2013.

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