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A flogger is a multi-tailed whip with a stiff or solid handle specially made for use in BDSM play. The strands of a flogger are most commonly made from leather, but can also be made from cord, horse hair or rubber. Tops who enjoy flogging will generally have a number of floggers made of different materials designed to cause different levels of pain. Floggers with wide soft wide strands are the most gentle, while those with hard thin strands are the most painful. Most floggers are designed to be used on the torso and thighs; it is also possible to buy smaller floggers designed for nipple and male genitorture.

The flogger is derived from the cat o' nine tails a punishment deveice in common use prior to the 20th century.

When flogging a sub, it is usual to start with the gentle floggers, as the sub 'warms up' and begins to enter sub space. The top will then switch to the more vicious implements and use strokes of increasing force.

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