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British Army issue S6 gasmask with NATO filter

Gas masks, often worn in connection with rubber fetishism or uniform fetish, may be a fetish fashion accessory or be used in the sexual restriction of breathing (erotic asphyxiation, often regarded as a form of edgeplay). The latter, being potentially dangerous, requires complete trust in a partner and should never be undertaken alone. In the former case, the gas mask is sometimes used to complete a transformation or objectification, but may also form part of a total enclosure fetish. Gas masks and the air hoses occaisonally fitted to them can also be used to administer nitrite inhalants (Poppers).

The eye covers may be blacked out to act as a blindfold, or there may be a blindfold under the mask, to increase the sense of total enclosure. Sometimes gas masks are also modified to include a gag.

As well as standard military and civilian masks, which may be available from Army surplus stores, a number of companies are selling custom made gas masks designed purely for BDSM play.


Use of gas masks in erotic asphyxiation has its dangers; see Breath control: Safety. It is possible that some old masks may have asbestos in their filters.

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