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A genderfuck is someone who presents extreme clashing male/female charecteristics (such as a bearded man in a miniskirt and high-heeled shoes). It is a self-conscious effort to "fuck with" or play with traditional notions of gender identity, gender roles, and gender presentation. It falls under the umbrella of the transgender spectrum.


Genderfuck, as a form of gender identity or gender expression, uses parody and exaggeration to call attention to its transgression of gender roles, seeking to expose them as artificial, oftentimes by manipulating one's appearance to create gender dissonance or ambiguity in stark opposition of the gender binary. In this way, genderfuck shares many characteristics with genderqueer, although they are two separate concepts.

Examples of genderfuck in relation to physical performance or appearance include people prominently displaying secondary sex characteristics of different sexes together, such as breasts and a beard.

Genderfuck is generally an intentional attempt to present a confusing gender identity which contributes to dismantling the perception of a gender binary.

Genderfuck implies not only the instigation of confusion for the sake of breaking down the binary, but also leaving more fluid room to be self-expressive and self-explorative with less expectations of a norm and more room to play via being radically honest. Though genderfuck is often associated with queer identities such as homosexuality and bisexuality, people of any sexual orientation may practice genderfuck.


Genderfuck is a politics of identity stemming from the identity politics movements of the 1950s and 1960s, a guiding principal of which is the idea that the personal is political.

The term dates at least to 1974, when an article by Christopher Lonc, entitled "Genderfuck and Its Delights", appeared in the magazine Gay Sunshine. Lonc wrote "I want to criticize and poke fun at the roles of women and of men too. I want to try and show how not-normal I can be. I want to ridicule and destroy the whole cosmology of restrictive sex roles and sexual

Extreme gender clashes are sometimes used by females, but they are not generally frowned upon in Western societies.

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