Genital stocks

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A design for female genital stocks
Drawing by Robert Bishop showing a girl in genital stocks

Genital stocks or hobble stocks is a bondage device designed to prevent a captive from moving by attaching their genitals to a fixed object. They are usually designed using a wide base for stability with a vertical pole rising to about waist height. Here the designs differ for men and women. For a woman, the pole ends in a dildo which is raised and forced into her; her feet are then tied to the base (often spread apart). In this position the woman is forced to remain in position impaled by the dildo; the act of tying her feet to the base prevents her from raising herself off the device. For men the vertical pole ends in a testicle cuff which locks the penis to the stocks.

In both cases, additional bondage is needed to secure the hands out of the way and to prevent the captive releasing themselves.

Genital stocks should be used with extreme care. Should the captive faint or lose balance there is a very real risk that they will cause serious injury to themselves.

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