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Male submissive wearing a gimp mask
Gimp mask from Westward Bound

A gimp mask or slave hood is an icon of BDSM imagery. Usually made from black leather, it is close-fitting and completely covers the head. The primary purpose of the hood is to objectify the wearer, to reduce them to the status of a sexual object rather than a person. Gimp masks share many qualities of bondage hoods and isolation hoods but tend to be simpler in construction and made from thinner leather as they do not need to deaden sound or provide secure anchorage points for bondage. Many designs of slave hood will have detachable blindfolds and mouth coverings. Some will have zip openings for the mouth and eyes, allowing the hood to be used as a blindfold or for the use of a gag.

As well as leather, slave hoods are available in spandex, darlex and latex.

The term gimp was brought into the mainstream by the film Pulp Fiction which featured a scene where a man wearing a gimp mask was kept in the basement of two homosexual rapists. A track on the film soundtrack has one of the rapists saying "Bring out the gimp".

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