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Leather gloves
Long open-finger gloves from Westward Bound
Over-the-elbow rubber gloves from Westward Bound

Glove fetishism is a (sexual) fetish where an individual is obsessed and fixated by another or oneself wearing gloves on their hands. In some cases, the fetish is enhanced by the material of the glove, e.g. leather, cotton, latex, satin, spandex or nylon. Often, the actions of a gloved hand are as arousing as the glove itself, because the glove provides a second skin, or in other words a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer's own skin. Subtle movements by the gloved fingers or the hand as a whole can provide the individual with a great visual stimulus and ultimately sexual arousal. The act of putting gloves on, or slipping them off the hands, can also be a source of glove fetish fantasy.

Gloves may be cuff length, or come to just short of or just over the elbow, or up to the armpit (opera-style). Some glove fetishists prefer certain lengths, for example ones that come almost to the armpit (called opera gloves, especially in the USA) or just cuff length. Some also like them as a part of an outfit, such as the nurse, the policewoman (Japanese outfit), the French maid and so forth.

Long close-fitting gloves may have buttons on the wrist to allow the gloves to be put on and taken off more easily. This is essential if they are made of non-stretchy material like leather.

Apart from their appearance, some individuals go as far as using them on oneself or others as a form of sexual stimulation. The ones most commonly used for this are usually latex gloves, such as those doctors/nurses use for examination, while others prefer the household rubber glove. The appeal behind the household glove may be due to the colours they come in but also offering what the latex examination gloves cannot. The household glove are thicker, some more than others depending on what their use is.

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