Veil fetishism

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Naked woman in veil
Veil fetish

Veil fetish is a sexual desire for wearing veils or for seeing someone else wearing one.


Hijab fetish

Veil fetish is also referred to as hijab fetish. Some have characterised it as the "favorite fetish of Muslim fundamentalists and the Western press alike." However, not all veils are hijabs; for example, brides often wear veils.


Veil fetishists may be interested in niqabs, burkas and harem-style veils. Some are attracted to women who wear all-covering Muslim-style veils, while others are attracted to women wearing translucent veils. "Burqa sex sites are also becoming more common. These include glowing odes to wet burqa competitions and fashion tips for burqa-wearing Western cross-dressers."They may only have basic sexual desires, or they may believe that veiling should be compulsory for all women. Fetishists include both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Control may be behind veil fetishism, as Women who veil are restricted. Veiled Muslim women are considered "secluded, submissive, oppressed" by Westerners. Arab and other Muslim women are often seen in the Western world as being veiled against their will; they are only doing it for religious or social reasons (though many contend otherwise). Such control issues may be seen in other fetishes and paraphalias, such as bondage fetishism.

Women may become sexually aroused by veiling themselves. They may feel protected, or feel similar enjoyment as women with bondage fetishes. Many women believe they are taking back their sexuality by wearing veils. "One common view is that by wearing a veil, a woman reclaims her beauty as her own, rather than surrender to the prying eyes of men seeking sexual pleasure." Partners of fetishists may enjoy the ability to spend time at home without worrying about wearing make-up or their hair.

Brides wear veils even in Western countries (though rarely opaque), and there are a variety of reasons given for this, ranging from religious to social. Veiled women may be considered subordinate to men.

The causes of veil fetishism may include interests in mystery, bondage and the preservation of virginity. It has been shown that faces play a valuable role in human sexuality.


Bride in veil
  • "The veil can be erotic but in a political context it is not; it is a kind of seal on property, a mark of submission". (Two Views of the Veil, June 21, 2006)

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