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Glued latex garments are made by gluing together pieces of sheet latex. This is the method used by most manufacturers.

Types of Glues for Latex

Two basic types of glue are usually used:

1) Organic solvent based

Various rubber cements can be used to glue sheets of latex together. Some brands are:

  • Best Test Rubber Cement
  • Bostik 3851
  • Elmer's Rubber Cement
  • Ross Rubber Cement
  • Rema TipTop vulcanising solution

Rubber cements are usually thinned with heptane, a.k.a. Rubber Cement Thinner, which is used to prepare surfaces for gluing with the cement. (Bostik 6009 type 4 cleaner/thinners)

2) Water and ammonia based

Some brands are:

  • Copydex
  • Bostik Aquagrip 260 (now replaced by 218M Plustex)
  • Blackstyle latexkleber

Bonds made with water/ammonia glues are said to deteriorate when exposed to water, although some people say the bonds are just as long-lasting as those made with organic solvent glues.

Gluing Technique

A good way to apply the glue to a latex sheet is to use a credit card and spread it out on both surfaces. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and then attach the two surfaces together. Go over the seam with a roller and it will finish the seam. Wait for the seam to cure for 24 hours before putting stress on the glued area.

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