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Gynophagia is Vorarephilia (fantasy fetish involving devouring) where the victim is a female woman or humanoid.

The fantasy can be consensual, or be related and mixed with violence and rape fantasies. Often the fantasy involves the ritual beheading, to keep the head as-is, as a trophy and tribute, but the body is butchered and cooked for eating. For others the fantasy involves spit-roasting or general cooking of women, alive or dead, with or without their heads.

The terms "spit muffins" or "long pigs" have been coined for women who are thus treated in such fantasies. Several stories include elaborate descriptions of women being fattened up to be eaten, but most images depict women of average body physique.

A similar fetish, androphagia ("man eating"), fantasies of cooking and eating human males, also exists but is far less common, possibly due to the lesser propensity of women to fantasize of themselves as sexual predators.

It is hard to gauge the actual distribution or commonality of the fetish, since, as with many of the more extreme fetishes, many participants never engage in it beyond fantasies (as opposed to fetishists who act out their fantasies in sexual roleplay) and internet encounters. A substantial minority of the visitors of related websites claim to be female, another claim that is hard to verify, though sexual research has shown that a substantial percentage of females fantasize about being victimzed.

A widely-published form of gynophagia is that of Dolcett, whose fictional stories and comic pictures often feature a woman being spit roasted alive (and often evidently enjoying it) or being cut up for food. The fiction usually portrays it all as consensual with no pain or torture involved.

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