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Third parties

Interestingly, as of this writing, our article on humiliation doesn't mention the involvement of third parties. I've always found that humiliation is much more effective when it involves someone other than just the top and the bottom. I'm not talking about parading your sub through the public market on a leash (which either comes off as theatre or involves people non-consensually in your scene, or both).

A few years back my then-girlfriend C put me in genital bondage under my clothes before we headed for a mutual friend's birthday party. The crowd was rather mixed, and C certainly didn't involve any non-kinky people in the situation, but at one point she remarked, in my presence, to a couple of other women, that my cock was tied up and that it would probably be painful for me to get hard. C and I were to a point in our relationship where there was nothing humiliating about her tying me up like that, but telling her friends was another story. And when the women started asking C about the ropework, and was this punishment or just play, and her explaining I was a "good boy" as they proceeded to discuss this as if I weren't there except for remarks like, "You are very obedient aren't you?" Very sexy, entirely through the humiliation of being so objectified.

I've done this one from the other side, too. I had just given K a hand-spanking, and when we went over to my friend D's house she was not exactly feeling like sitting down on the wooden chair she was offered. She tried demurring with just "No, I think I'd rather stand right now", but I wouldn't let her off the hook so easily. "Now, K, don't be shy, tell D why you don't want to sit down." She blushed so completely that he knew the answer before she even told him. But I still made her say it.


Wearing panties

My past present an future personal experiences with humiliation, which is my greatest desire, are these: I love wearing ladies' full brief nylon panties. The first woman i had a sexual relationship with after I first started wearing ladies nylon panties asked me "What good is it if nobody sees them?" I was instantly both embarrassed and aroused by the thought of women seeing my panties. it wasn't long before my fantasies started becoming reality. i sought out women who got turned on watching me squirm with embarrassment. i provoked them into locking me out of hotel rooms and apartments in my panties, taking photos of me in my panties and sharing them with their laughing friends. I learned that amongst mixed company the photos would not come out, but when alone with their friends they would. Women rarely say much to my face directly, but they talk to each other and i hear them laughing. There are more women who know me by my nickname "Panty Buns" than there are women who know my real name. There are videos of me in my panties which i don't know what happened to or who has possession of them. That is embarrassing but turns me on. i like being tied up securely on a bed spread eagled face down in my panties and gagged for severe caning and paddling. The merciless teasing and total control over me are a turn on for years afterwards if i can remember it. I tend to mentally block out some of the caning and flogging if it is excessively cruel and merciless enough (which i try to provoke). That is another reason why i would prefer the spankings were filmed. It helps me remember the pain and embarrassment and drive it home the psychological impact in addition to any humiliating details. The helplessness and humiliation is more important to me than the spankings. For me though, that was not enough embarrassment for me, so i posted pantied photos of myself on a website and have repeated y made the following dare: i beg and dare all women to try to make me world famous in my ladies full brief nylon panties by copying and sharing the photos i posted of myself at along with the url. i released them into the public domain. i dare all women to try provoke enough relentless saturation media coverage that every woman on earth will have seen me in my panties, recognize me on the street, and yell things out at me if they aren't laughing too hard. i have suggested that most women are either too chicken or not smart enough to figure out how to do it. Are you? Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Panty Buns

This page uses content from the Informed Consent dictionary which is no longer available online. See Informed Consent (website).
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