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A Kink Friendly or kink-friendly person is a professional, such as a doctor or therapist (most commonly), who is aware and/or accepting of clients who are involved with lifestyles such as BDSM, and is willing to cater to their emotional and physical needs.

It is common for submissives into whipping, for instance, to visit practitioners who are kink friendly and accepting of their marks as an expression of their submission or masochism, and not necessarily evidence of an abusive relationship (as a "non-kink friendly" practitioner might assume).

The advantages of having a kink friendly doctor, in this instance, would be the ability for the submissive to seek routine medical treatment on a regular basis and not necessarily have to schedule scenes around such treatment.

More often it is the case that medical practitioners would be considered kink aware, and not necessarily kink friendly, depending on their clientele and regional location (See kink aware below).

This is cited from the webpage

The term Kink Friendly is generally used to describe "a business, website, organization or professional who is aware of alternative lifestyles and willing to conduct mainstream and alternative business openly and without discrimination."

This is to differentiate from the term "Kink Aware", used to describe "a business, website, professiona, organizationl or contact who is aware of alternative lifestyles and conducts business without discrimination but would prefer to conduct business of an alternative nature discretely. Kink Aware businesses will generally provide a contact that you can go to for your alternative needs."


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