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Quite a lot of popular slave fiction involves the slave kneeling at the master's feet, or simply waiting patiently in a kneeling position. In reality, kneeling for extended periods can damage the legs - the muscles, tendons and joints. Doing so for even quite a short time can be quite painful, in a way that for most people will not become pleasurable.

Kneeling pads of various types can help cushion the knees and allow a submissive to spend much longer on their knees than would otherwise be possible, though damage to veins and arteries in the lower leg, as well as to the ankles, can still occur with extended, static, kneeling. Pads may be as simple as a cushion on the floor, through thick pads designed for prayer or meditation cushions, to black leather ones designed specifically for BDSM play. Variations are also available from DIY and gardening shops.

See also

  • Knee pads - a more mobile alternative to kneeling pads, fixed to the legs.
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