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Latex polish from Westward Bound

A latex polish is an agent used to make latex shinier. Many latex fetishists prefer shiny latex.

There are many brands of polishing agents for latex, available in spray cans or bottles. Examples of brands are:

  • Armor All
  • Pjur Cult
  • Black Beauty
  • Rubba Glow
  • Deviant Slick

When exposing latex to chemicals, it is vital that the latex only be exposed to substances that won't degrade it. Products containing petroleum distillates, oils, and organic solvents will dissolve latex over time and will reduce the lifespan of latex garments.

Latex Safe Polishes

Latex safe polishes can be divided into two types:

  1. Water with waxes or silicone in suspension, e.g. Armor All, Black Beauty
  2. Silicone oil, e.g. Pjur Cult.
    1. There are several kinds of silicone oils with different chemical names. Those considered to be safe for contact with skin are: Cyclomethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone.
    2. Some brands of silicone-based personal lubricant are mixed with oils such as Vitamin E (Tocypherol Acetate) which will degrade latex, e.g. Gun Oil, ID Millenium (newer batches).

Health and Safety

Many latex polishes were developed for the car or other non-health related industries and are not intended for prolonged contact with human skin. Water-based polishes packaged in pump spray bottles and silicone oils in squeezable bottles are generally considered safe.

Silicone dispensed in aerosol spray cans as lubricant, including those designated as "food grade", is necessarily mixed with organic solvent which is a mild neurotoxin and possible skin irritant.

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