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London's first community-supporting market project, the London Alternative Market (AKA LAM) is held on the first Sunday of every month. The venue is changing so it is best to check their web site for the current location.

The LAM is about fetish and alternative lifestyles and is used as a meeting and socialising venue with those of similar interests. All lifestyles are welcome, including those that are just mildly kinky or just plain curious and the only dress code is a ban on complete nudity. There is a selection of stalls and vendors selling a variety of things including books, kinky furniture, and general SM equipment.

Fetish wear of the sort most London BDSM and fetish clubs demand is not necessary to gain entry to LAM; many people attend in jeans and a T-shirt, or other casual wear. People are free to express their chosen lifestyle while at the market; Masters, Mistresses, TVs, slaves, ponies, pets and other fetishes are all welcome and it is an open and accepting environment.

The events are run in support of good causes within the communities (for example, December 2008 was in support of the Spanner Trust) and are open to anyone with an open mind and tolerance of others peoples' lifestyles. You will be able to find out something about the latest fashions, clubs and events in and around London from people and flyers in the lobby of the venue.

Absolutely no admittance below the age of 18, no photography (including camera phones) and no admittance after 5:30pm. The venue staff and event organisers reserve the right to refuse admittance if they feel you will not enjoy the event or if you are likely to adversely effect the enjoyment of others. The safety and comfort of guests, stall holders and the team is the highest priority.

Doors open at 12, and the event runs 'until 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm).

There are food and drink vendors but you may also leave the venue and return (so long as you get a 'stamp' at the reception). The bar is competitively priced with the local pubs.

The cost of admission is £4, which normally includes workshop sessions, a demo and a raffle.

There is also a LAM after Market Party, the details of which can be obtained from the Information Desk within the market.

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