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The missionary position is face-to-face sexual intercourse where the woman lies on her back with the man on top. The name comes from the theory that it was the position promoted by missionaries as being the only acceptable way to have sex since all other ways were thought to be too animal-like.

The Missionary position

The missionary position enables partners to face one another and look into each other's eyes during sex. The bodies are often linked around one another to add a lot of sensual feel, especially for the woman.

The missionary position allows for easy entry with deep penetration and clitoral stimulation. The woman is in a submissive/passive position. It allows for a lot of intimacy.



Simple Missionary

Most common position; man on top with direct penetration; woman on bottom, legs open. Her knees may be bent or straight.

Side entry missionary

Variant on the missionary position; woman on side; man kneeling penetrates from behind/side.


Deckchair position

The woman's legs are back against her body, with her calves over each of the man's shoulders. This position allows men to attain the deepest possible penetration but that can be too deep and cause pain and even damage. It stands a good chance of stimulating the g-spot.

The man can either lean on his hands or if the woman is flexible or stout enough not to be hurt taking his weight on her folded legs he can grasp her ankles for a feeling of extra control and domination.

Peace Sign

Woman on bottom, legs closed.

By keeping her legs together, the woman gets extra stimulation and if the bodies match well this will cause great sensations. When her legs are closed, the vagina tightens around the penis, ensuing more intense stimulation for both.

The man almost certainly has to have his legs on the outside of hers.

This position also means the man enters from a sharper angle toward the clitoris which can be good. However, there is no chance of touching the g-spot, which may or may not be good depending how sensitive the woman is.


Woman lies on her back, man stands and lifts her pelvis for penetration.

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